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Installing Smart Home is a Smart Choice for You & Your Customers!

You can give your customers more of what they love: convenience, comfort & peace of mind. Sure, customers can purchase elsewhere and in some cases install themselves. How do you compete with that? Simple – giving them a professional installation opportunity eliminates the headache that comes with DIY installation. You will have a full Smart Home solution up and running without the customer having to lift a finger.

Future-proof your business by broadening your Smart Home offering to what customers are looking for today. By including Smart Home products in your portfolio you will continue to meet the demands of your customers now and in the future. Smart Home is only getting bigger – make sure your business is there to get bigger with it.

Adding Smart Home products to your installs gives you staying power with your customers. Adding any type of Smart Home product to your installs is a way to keep you customers coming back for more. Simply add a couple of wi-fi cameras to your installs and you will be top of mind the next time your customer is looking to add something new – like a video doorbell, smart lighting, & locks. There is always to opportunity to increase your RMR as you add on these new products as well!

ADI offers competitive pricing that will make adding Smart Home a profitable choice for you. When you buy Smart Home from ADI, there’s money in it for you too! We offer competitive pricing that will allow you to make money on the sale to your customer as well.

Home Control Hubs & Voice Control

Every connected device needs something to connect to - that's where home control hubs come in. Products like Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and Security Control Panels can serve as the hub for smart home devices.

WIFI & Wireless Cameras & Doorbells

With Wireless Video Doorbells and Cameras homeowners will be able to keep track of their homes even if they aren't there.

Thermostats & Comfort Control

Make it easy for your customers to control the comfort of their home with smart thermostats. It will also be easy for them to save on energy costs!

Wireless Audio

A multi-room wireless audio system allows you to stream your favorite music directly from a smartphone, tablet, amplifier connected to your home WIFI network or multi-room receiver to any room of your house. Many multi-room audio systems will play streaming audio from your favorite online sources like Pandora and Spotify, or from your personal music collection. Multi-room wireless audio systems can stream your music via a WIFI connected amplifier, or AVR to all of your connected architectural or bookshelf speakers, in any room of the house, or outdoors – add more zones with wireless speakers.

Smart Lock & Garage Door

Smart Home Locks offer convenience to your customers and integrate with many of the security systems that you are installing today. Smart Locks can be controlled through customers phones, security control panel and even be integrated with scenes via the control panel.

Lighting Control

Allow your customers to enjoy the freedom of controlling their light switches, appliances, lamps and more right from their smartphone or tablet.

Water & Irrigation Controls

Adding connected devices like water sensors and valve controls can help to save homeowners from water damage. These devices will also inform a homeowner if there is water detected while they are away - some will even turn off their water automatically once a leak is detected!

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