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ADI Pro Rewards: Rules and General Information

Program Overview

ADI Pro Rewards is our points-based customer incentive program, designed to reward loyal customers for their continued growth with ADI. Eligible participants in good standing will have the opportunity to earn points by meeting personalized quarterly spending goals. These goals are customized for each account and are determined by their previous year's purchase history. Achieving quarterly goals enables participants to earn points and gain access to over 50,000 reward options, which include merchandise, travel, and entertainment.

Program Eligibility

To participate in the program and redeem points, customers must maintain an active ADI web account, and their ADI account must be in good standing. Delinquent or inactive ADI accounts may be subject to temporary program suspension or point loss. Customers with special pricing arrangements that overlap with program benefits may be ineligible. ADI will conduct quarterly eligibility audits to ensure compliance. Customers who do not meet the requirements may be either removed from the program or temporarily restricted from point redemption until they regain eligibility or resolve account conflicts.

Account Activation

Eligible customers will receive a personalized registration invitation via email. To access and use the rewards platform, eligible customers must first activate their rewards account via the Single Sign-On (SSO) activation button found in their rewards initiation email.

Each customer can only designate one rewards program owner, such as the owner/operator, primary purchasing/sales representative, or an individual identified by the company. ADI has pre-approved and assigned account owners based on the ADI customer database. To request an account owner change, please use the Contact Us form or the contact information listed in the rewards section of your ADI web account. All change requests require approval, and the designated individuals must be registered with an ADI web account using the same email selected for the rewards account.

Rewards Platform Access

Once your rewards account has been activated, participants can view program terms and conditions, goals, progress to goals, and point balances directly on their ADI rewards dashboard, which is accessible from their ADI web account page. Additionally, participants can visit the external rewards platform via Single-Sign-On (SSO) from their ADI web account page to browse available rewards options and redeem points for rewards.

Quarterly Goals

Eligible customers will receive custom quarterly spend goals, which they must achieve to earn points. If goals are not met, all pending points for the quarter will be lost. Goals are personalized based on the customer's prior year quarterly sales, with a fixed growth component or expected run-rate determined by ADI. New customers or those with goals under $10,000 will be assigned a $10,000 quarterly goal. Quarter durations follow the calendar year:

  • Quarter 1: January 1 to March 31
  • Quarter 2: April 1 to June 30
  • Quarter 3: July 1 to September 30
  • Quarter 4: October 1 to December 31
Point Issuance

Points are issued daily based on the previous business day's invoiced purchases. If a customer joins the program mid-quarter, all sales from the beginning of the quarter count toward their goal. Orders held or on backorder don't count until they ship/invoice. All points initially have a pending status until quarterly goals are met, at which point they become earned and can be redeemed immediately. Points earned from other promotions are active upon issuance.

Point Cap

Participants can earn up to 4,000,000 points per calendar year, with a cap of 1,000,000 points per quarter. Participants must meet their quarterly goals to earn the maximum points. Points carried over from the previous year may allow for exceeding this limit if they haven't expired.

Earning Points

All accrued points start in a pending status until quarterly goals are met. If goals are not met, pending points accrued during the quarter will be lost. Once goals are achieved during a quarter, points transition to an earned status and can be redeemed for rewards or saved in your account for larger rewards. Participants can earn up to four points per dollar spent at ADI, subject to the maximum point limit, by ordering online and purchasing select brands:

  • 1 point for every dollar spent at ADI
  • 1 extra point for every dollar spent online
  • 1 extra point for every dollar spent on ADI Exclusive Brands
  • 1-2 extra points for every dollar spent on Featured Suppliers
Featured Suppliers

Pro Rewards featured suppliers are select brands or products that offer customers the opportunity to earn additional reward points for every dollar spent at ADI. Participants can earn at least one extra point per dollar from purchasing select featured suppliers, with some brands providing the opportunity for customers to earn two extra points per dollar. Pro Rewards featured suppliers may change each quarter. Stay updated via email or the rewards platform to maximize your points and explore new brands.

Point Tracking

Point balances can be found on the rewards dashboard within your ADI web account page or at any time in the rewards portal. Points are updated daily based on the previous business day for orders that ship/invoice according to the point issuance schedule. Additionally, participants will receive monthly electronic rewards statements via email. The rewards dashboards and statements allow participants to track their progress toward their personalized quarterly goal and view their point balances. As a reminder, pending points will be lost at the end of each quarter if the quarterly goal is not met.

Point Redemption

Participants can use their Rewards Points to redeem various rewards, each with a specified Points value listed in the rewards catalog. The rewards catalog offers a wide range of items, including merchandise, travel options, event tickets, rental cars, and personal concierge services, available to all program participants.

To redeem points, participants must access the external rewards platform via Single Sign-On (SSO) through their ADI web account page. Enrolled participants in good standing can redeem earned points at any time from the online catalog. Once your rewards account is activated, simply log into the rewards platform to browse, add items to your cart or wish list, and check out. After submitting your order, you'll receive an order confirmation number with instructions via email for travel reservations or merchandise delivery, along with your updated point balance. First-time point redeemers will need to provide tax information for IRS or equivalent purposes. Travel bookings require a minimum of three weeks' notice, while merchandise and other rewards will typically be delivered within two to four weeks of redemption.

Point Expiration

Participants will have a maximum of two years to redeem their Rewards Points for rewards before they expire, as all earned points will expire on January 31 of the subsequent year following the year in which they were earned. For example, points earned in January 2024 will expire January 31, 2026, and points earned in December 2024 will also expire January 31, 2026.

Point Adjustments

ADI may perform periodic point audits to ensure compliance with the program's operations and rules. If points are found to have been issued in error, ADI reserves the right to adjust balances to correct any discrepancies.

Sales Exclusions

Spending for customer accounts that are setup with Arrow Wire & Cable, BTX Technologies, Electronic Custom Distributors (ECD), or Snap One will not be eligible for the ADI rewards program at this time. However, all other spending at ADI will count towards your ADI Pro Rewards quarterly spend goal.

Tax Requirements

Participants receiving rewards valued at over $600 USD in US or $500 CAD in Canada fair market value must complete the required tax form (1099-MISC, T4A or equivalent) as rewards may be taxable based on local legislation and participant residence. Individual or company tax information will be collected when participants attempt to redeem their first rewards order. Any income tax liability on program rewards is the responsibility of the participant or recipient business.

Returns Impact

If a participant returns an item, their progress towards their goal may decrease, and their point balance for the relevant period may also decrease to adjust for the return. ADI may review returns that impact the program, and participants may face temporary redemption restrictions, rewards program termination, or point loss as a result.

Account Holds

To remain eligible and redeem points, customers must maintain a good payment status with ADI and have an active ADI web account. If a participant or invited customer becomes ineligible, their rewards account may be placed on hold, preventing point redemption or account activation. The account will be in browse-only status until resolved. ADI will conduct quarterly eligibility audits and periodic checks. Customers not meeting eligibility requirements during audits may be removed or temporarily restricted from point redemption until eligibility is regained or account conflicts are resolved.

Program Support

For questions about the rewards program, your point balance, or specific rewards, contact the rewards client services team Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time at 800.989.7601. Other inquiries can be directed to your local ADI branch or sales representative, and you can find additional rewards program support information within the rewards section of your ADI web account.

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