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ADI Pro Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ADI Pro Rewards program work?

ADI Pro Rewards is a points-based program rewarding customers points for every dollar spent at ADI after meeting personalized quarterly spending goals, offering access to a wide range of rewards, including merchandise, travel, and entertainment.

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in the program?

To participate, customers must maintain an active ADI web account and be in good standing by adhering to payment terms. Additionally, special pricing or payment arrangements, as well as other factors determined by ADI, may disqualify accounts from participating.

How do I activate my rewards account?

Eligible customers receive personalized registration invitations via email where they can activate their account through Single-Sign-On after logging into their online ADI account.

How many individuals per company can participate in the program?

The ADI Pro Rewards loyalty program is designed only for the owner/operator or the primary purchasing decision-maker of each company, as only one individual per ADI account is permitted to be assigned for receiving rewards. By participating, you must certify that you are the sole individual responsible for managing and redeeming rewards for your company under the ADI Pro Rewards loyalty program.

Can I change the designated rewards program owner?

Yes, you can request a change by using the form or contact information in the rewards section of your ADI web account, subject to approval.

How do I access the rewards platform?

Access the rewards platform directly on your ADI web account page after activating your rewards account.

What are the quarterly goals, and how are they determined?

Quarterly spend goals are personalized for each account based on prior year quarterly sales and include a fixed growth component or expected run-rate determined by ADI.

How do I earn points in the program?

Earn points by meeting quarterly goals, with up to four points per dollar spent at ADI when purchasing select featured supplier products online.

What is the maximum number of points I can earn in a year?

Participants can earn up to 4,000,000 points per calendar year, with a cap of 1,000,000 points per quarter. Participants must meet their quarterly goals to earn the maximum points. Points carried over from the previous periods may allow for exceeding this limit if they haven't expired.

How are points issued, and when do they become active?

Points are issued daily based on the previous business day's invoiced purchases and become active once quarterly goals are met. You receive rewards credit for your order after the order is shipped/invoiced, not necessarily when the order is placed. If you do not hit your quarterly goal, you will forfeit all pending points for the quarter.

How can I redeem my earned points?

Redeem points through the rewards platform via Single Sign-On (SSO) on your ADI web account page and follow the instructions for reward selection and redemption.

What are Featured Suppliers in the program, and how can I earn extra points from them?

Featured suppliers offer extra points per dollar spent, allowing customers to earn additional rewards for select purchases. Featured suppliers rotate each quarter and offer either 1 or 2 extra points per dollar spent.

How do I earn extra points from ordering online?

When you place orders online, you'll automatically earn one extra point per dollar for your purchase. Ordering online is a convenient way to accumulate more points in the ADI Pro Rewards program.

Where can I track my points and view my point balances?

You can track your points on the rewards dashboard within your ADI web account page or through the rewards portal.

What happens if I return an item?

Returning an item may decrease your progress towards quarterly goals, resulting in point adjustments or temporary rewards account suspension.

What happens if my order is on backorder or hold?

You will not receive rewards credit for items on backorder or orders on hold until the order is fully processed, invoiced, and shipped.

Can you explain the point expiration policy?

Earned points will carry over each quarter for a maximum of two years before they expire. All earned points will expire on January 31 of the subsequent year following the year in which they were earned. For example, points earned in January 2024 will expire January 31, 2026, and points earned in December 2024 will also expire January 31, 2026.

What should I do if my rewards account is placed on hold, or I am ineligible to participate?

Maintain good payment status and resolve eligibility issues to lift the hold on your account. Quarterly audits are conducted to ensure compliance. Reach out to ADI customer support for questions related to your account status if you have any concerns.

Why are there tax form requirements?

To comply with IRS or similar agency requirements, you must complete the required tax form (1099-MISC, T4A or equivalent) when redeeming rewards valued at over $600 in US and $500 in Canada fair market value. Any tax liability associated with program rewards is the responsibility of the participant or recipient business.

What do I do if I have questions about the program or need help?

Contact ADI customer support for any specific questions about your ADI account, eligibility, or orders as they may relate to the program. If you have specific questions around point redemptions or rewards, contact the rewards client services team at 800.989.7601 during their operating hours Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

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