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The healthcare industry, consisting of hospitals, doctor and dental offices, urgent care facilities, pharmacies, specialty health clinics, wellness centers, laboratories, mental health providers, ancillary services, assisted living centers, in-home care and other entities, represents a significant opportunity for low-voltage professionals. ADI offers a vast range of solutions to help you win and retain business in this key vertical. Contact us today to let us know how we can help.

Featured Brands

Low-Voltage Solutions for Healthcare

Video Surveillance

ADI’s comprehensive video surveillance solutions allow healthcare providers to keep tabs on corridors, parking garages, elevators, waiting rooms, common areas and other points of interest. ADI also offers sophisticated video analytics solutions such as bullet cameras, panoramic cameras and PTZ cameras to monitor queue lengths, identify on-premises loitering, safeguard drug supplies, prevent infant abduction and, in short, ensure that patients, visitors and staff are kept as safe as possible 24/7.

Pro AV

From nurse call systems to digital signage to speakers for ambient music, healthcare facilities have a vast range of professional AV needs. ADI’s extensive collection of pro AV solutions give installers everything they need to support hospitals, medical complexes, and standalone doctor and dental offices. ADI’s inventory of speakers, displays, amplifiers, mixers, PA horns, healthcare-grade televisions and more keep everything running smoothly, while enhancing patient experience and fostering the mindset that the public’s health is in good hands.

Access Control

ADI’s extensive selection of card readers, keypads, electronic locks and related solutions make it easier to keep patients, visitors and staff in designated areas. Many ADI access control products are designed to facilitate centralized management, giving site supervisors and security personnel optimal oversight and control over single and/or multiple buildings. Additionally, ADI offers keycards, key fobs and badge-making tools to give practitioners and support personnel the access they need to do their jobs.


Telemedicine has transformed the healthcare landscape over the last several years, and ADI has the right solutions to make the delivery of virtual care as smooth and seamless as possible. Web conferencing products like cameras, speakerphones and controllers give providers the power to accurately diagnose and treat patients from hundreds of miles away, while simultaneously offering the level of comfort and ease of use that can accommodate hour-long virtual therapy sessions and/or a full day of appointments.

Healthcare Risk-Management Solutions

We all know that healthcare facilities like hospitals, labs and pharmacies face a unique set of risks. ADI’s product portfolio includes solutions like touchless entry products, thermal cameras, people-counting systems and body temperature detection equipment, all of which can be effective in controlling the spread of pathogens. ADI’s biometric access control solutions can also hedge against the spread of disease, while offering an exceptional layer of security for research labs, restricted-access wards, drug stockpiles and other sensitive areas.


Did you know that ADI offers specialized solutions for healthcare applications? Our product portfolio includes patient monitoring solutions, patient wandering sensors, emergency alerting products for medical personnel, infant tracking tags and more. Additionally, ADI offers fall-detection sensors, emergency call systems, medical alert pendants, emergency pull cord stations and other solutions for aging-in-place and at-home healthcare needs.


Whether it’s for a small urgent-care clinic or a massive 1,200-bed hospital, ADI offers premium fire safety products that healthcare providers can depend on. ADI’s inventory includes fire control panels, detection devices, pull stations, notification and voice evacuation solutions, alarm communicators, accessories and more. ADI carries the top brands in fire safety and is a one-stop shop for fire alarm dealers and installers around the world.

Structured Wiring

Many healthcare facilities are large buildings with a lot of integrated pieces, which means that reliable structured cabling is of paramount importance. ADI’s structured wiring product line includes cable connectors, inserts, patch panels and cables, enclosures, workstations, outlets and more, giving installers what they need to make sure that electrical systems, surveillance networks, sound systems and other essential cable infrastructure stays up and running.


Networking solutions may well be the backbone of the 21st- century hospital, clinic and doctor’s office. ADI offers hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, PoE injectors, repeaters and essentially everything else needed to keep IT systems and mobile devices communicating. Whether it’s for a physician retrieving a patient’s chart on her tablet, a security officer checking out suspicious activity in a hospital parking lot or proud parents posting a selfie with their newborn, ADI networking products can be trusted to facilitate efficient communication.

Systems Design

Setting up a modern healthcare facility, especially if it is a very large building with a lot of specialized requirements, can be a complex undertaking. ADI’s Systems Design team is here to help dealers, installers and contractors find the right products at the right price, while offering recommendations and sharing best-practice knowledge to make sure the project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Project Registration

Project registration can give installers an enormous advantage when they’re looking to complete a major job, such as outfitting a multi-story hospital or medical center. When you register your project, you give ADI representatives the opportunity to leverage their vendor relationships on your behalf, getting you a better price for the products you need. All you need to do to get started is fill out a form.


D-Tools business software suite was designed to streamline and simplify the entire workflow of your next project. Whether you need to provide a quote, put together a visually stunning proposal for a major job, generate an engineering drawing during the design process of an install, manage your field service team or double down on your success with the help of data analytics, D-Tools has numerous key benefits for your business.

Cable Assemblies

ADI offers pre-terminated cable assemblies for a range of cabling infrastructure applications, including fiber optic, category copper, audio/video and telephone. This gives installers the option to, say, add a fiber-optic backbone to a healthcare-industry project rather than declining the work if they do not have the tools, expertise or time to do it. Getting started is easy; just fill out a form on the ADI website and a representative will contact you.

Tools and Hardware

Don’t get caught shorthanded on your next install or repair. ADI’s selection of tools and hardware gives builders, electricians, data communications specialists and other pros the crimpers, screwdrivers, racks, mounts, battery testers, wiring accessories and related solutions they need to support the healthcare industry. Regardless of your trade or specialty in the low-voltage industry, ADI is with you every step of the way.

Why Choose ADI?

Specialized, Scalable Solutions

Healthcare is a vast industry, and the difference between what two separate providers want and need from a low-voltage systems standpoint can be enormous. Having ADI’s extensive product inventory at your fingertips can therefore be an immense advantage. Whether you’re setting up a family doctor’s office, outfitting a high-security prison hospital or giving seniors what they need to safely age in place in their homes, chances are good that ADI has exactly what you’re looking for.

Names Healthcare Providers Know and Trust

In healthcare, a lot depends on having reliable, trusted solutions in place. At the same time, healthcare providers need the power to adapt to a wide range of contingencies, be it a sudden public health crisis, an uptick in on-premises crime or even a new set of legal requirements. ADI carries the strongest and most respected brands in the industry, names your next client will trust. Additionally, many of our vendors design products specifically for the healthcare sector, offering cutting-edge solutions for today’s challenges – as well as tomorrow’s.

Support When You Need It

With ADI, there’s no need to go it alone on your next job. We offer a full range of services, including system design, business management software tools, project registration, pre-terminated cable assemblies and more. These services have helped ADI customers take on work that may have been otherwise out of reach, boost their bottom line via savings on parts and grow their businesses long-term. The healthcare industry will represent a significant opportunity for low-voltage professionals for the foreseeable future. Why not approach it in the strongest manner possible?

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